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Breakfast cikkoldal nyito



Imagine a morning. It can be of any kind: spring or autumn, early or way into the day, bright or wet and windy – just imagine a morning when you have time for yourself. Just an hour, for yourself or for the both of you. Make it a Saturday or Sunday morning – that’s how I imagine it, one after a night out with friends or family, after a great dinner or a night spent with partying.


And now imagine last night being just perfect, and the awakining is right beside the person you love, the one you like to have dinner with, or the very one you like to have breakfast with.


Let’s imaginary assume you were not prepared for this breakfast. Now having shopped for in advance, either because you hade no time for it or just because you didn’t wanted to.


Be the one who doesn’t always want to live up to expectations, who can sometimes cope with promiscuity so please just imagine having this imaginary morning with unpreparedness – still to have something you can tame your partner with and not be stressed out about it at all.


For what makes this morning so easy is the simple fact of waking up slowly and not to the clock, to snug, stretch, to cuddle, to smile at each other, while you have some rustic, romantic tunes and not in a hurry to rush off to work. And not in a need to meet demands. The fact that you’ve cold prosecco with strawberries to present, jam and French butter to top the toast or the freshly baked croissant (along with a hint of caviar for pros) – does that make the morning perfect? Sure it does. Easily, like a Sunday morning.



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The service of the truly luxury hotels, of historic French bistros or of the Monarchy-styled coffee houses doesn’t lack the appropriate tools and accessories. So wouldn’t your kitchen. The timeless pieces on a breakfast table or on a silver plate will help you make a really unforgettable morning. Let the timeless beauty of eternal elegance comfort you in these moments.


And finally, dear Reader, let this morning not to remain an imagination. Allow yourself an hour of rest and laziness sometimes, when real miracle can happen. The miracle of having enough time.



Ingredients for two:
1 bottle of Prosecco or Champagne


1 pack of toast bread in the freezer


Several prebaked croissant in the freezer


Various jams in small bottles


Prime quality French/Belgian butter


Fruits (one should always have some at home)



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